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Fairy Tail Ova 4 - Translated.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 29, 2012, 5:28 AM
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Now we know what they say ... hahah xD

Read down here.

Mavis: - Good Morning

Mavis: - Here is Peaceful enough

Mavis: - But, it's too quiet

Mavis: - That's why here is fun enough

Mavis: If it seemed I wanna to go to three times fun than that

Mavis: I want to see it

Mavis: Let's play

Mavis: *laughing*

-------- Open Song on ova ------
(dunno .. I will try to find it later.. )

------- open song end ------------

Mavis: No one can see me is a good thing I think

Mavis: No one will get in my way for visiting Fairy Tail

Mavis: It brings back old memories

Mavis: Here

Mavis: This place was so lively

Mavis: I was a part of it

Mavis: The guild smells nice (<.< WHAT THE FUCK?! O_O)

Mavis: What are they doing right now?

Mavis: Maybe I am visible by everyone here, I have to dressed up properly.

Mavis: alright!

guild: OH YEAH!

Lucy:  What are you going to do?

Natsu: Of course I want to swin.

Happy: Aye Sir!

Levi: I want to go to the Hot Springs

Erza: It's not bad.

Juvia: Hot Springs.

Droy: It's a good thing

Jet: I feel alive somehow

Gray: That's great.

Everyone: Hahahah *talking with eachother*

Wendy: huh?

Mavis: Huh! *hides*

Carla: What is it?

Wendy: Carla, did you feel something just now?

Carla: No, I didn't.

Wendy: Maybe, it was just me.

Mavis: *breaths out*

Lucy: You two, what's happend?

Wendy: I'm sorry. *runs to everyone*

Mavis: It looks fun .

- beach -

Erza: Listen! The purpose of this exercise is to compensate for the gaps in seven years which was blank. The Grand Magic Tournament will begin in three months. In order to recover our strenght.
Fairy Tail must become the best guild , So we need to increase our magical power.

Everyone: ALRIGHT!

Erza: But, today is a free time. That's why we have to treasure it.

Everyone: YEAH!!

Natsu: it's the time

Gray: Out to the sea

Natsu: I don't intent to lose.

Jet: I'm the number one.

Everyone: UAAAH!!

--- gruvia moment ----

Gray: Oh. Juvia , thank you .

Juvia: It was nothing. By the way Gray-sama , Today I specially wear a new swimsuit, will show you the suit while we were alone.. I want Gray-sama to be the first person who see it, so .. Please feel free to ...

-------------- gruvia moment end ------------

Natsu and Gray: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH!! *runs away*

Juvia: *Sweat drop* urgh..

Carla: That's not gonna work to face a not manly guy, makes you more nervous.

Happy: That's right.

Juvia: Was that the end of my love?

------- gray and natsu swimming -------

Natsu: So far you are slow

Gray:  I will not lose to you for sure

Natsu & Gray: UAAH!

Jet: Sorry, but your skills is still too sloow ..

Natsu: That jerk!

Gray: If that's so, then I will also speed up. *pull off his pants*

Droy: PANTS!!

Gray:  Hehehe , You will become one with the water if you take off the suit . The very best in the end. It would be me.


Natsu: If that's so , I will ... DRAGON'S FIRE CANONS!!

Droy: Hey! Don't you want these back??

Erza: *tan* What's happend? Why not change into swimsuit?

Juvia: I'll the end I couldn't take off my clothes to show my swimsuit to Gray-sama.

Mavis: We sure have to go to the swimsuit store at some point.

Lucy: There!

Levi: There you go Wendy!

Wendy: Whaaat?

Lucy: Feels good and so .. Here!

Levi:  Here , here , kyaa! I missed..

Wendy: Are you alright?

Lucy: *laughing*

Lucy: by the way, we're the only one who come to the beach, right?

Wendy: Yes, Mira-san and friends are gone to train in the mountain. Laxus and friends are gone to somewhere too.

Lucy: Hmm .. Who's forgotten?

Happy: Gajeel and Lily

Lucy: oh!

Levi: They go to the secret place , It would be nice if they didn't refuse me to join them.

Wendy: Would it be ?

Lucy: Hey hey levi-chan .. hey hey ..

Levi: No, that's not like that!


Natsu: Break down .. I wonder what're they doing now? Those who aren't around.

Gray: Maybe everyone is having a break just like us.

Natsu: I see ... I wanna play ..  Hehe , Well it's good. When I am finished with this later, I'm gonna be the strongest.

Natsu & Gray: That would be me!

Jet: At least you should be able to beat them before you say it.

Natsu & Gray: HUH?!  NO TIME FOR REST!

Gray: This is the best chance to use my Ice maker magic! Ice maker .. Sea!

Lucy: Hey, what are you doing?!

Happy: I'm f-freezing ..

Carla: What the heck ..

Gray: Oh, what a great view .

Jet: What's the great view? Melt it!

Natsu: D-don't w-worry.. I w-will m-melt i-it w-with o-one b-blow .. F-fire d-dragon super fire!!  

Gray: What!?

Gray: Time's up

Natsu: Yes.

Lucy: AAAH!!!

Levi: We will be crushed!!

Erza: Oh god, this really annoys me

Juvia: I can see it.

Erza: Don't worry. Requip - Armour of Celestial wheels !

Erza: Juvia! Here is the time to protect the beach from falling ice!

Juvia: Ok.

Erza: Petal!!

Juvia: Then, Juvia also will do

Mavis: I wanna do it too .. I mustn't .. bear it . bear it.

Natsu: Oh, it's Erza and the others .

Gray: They've started the training without us.

Jet: We also don't wanna be left behind.

Droy: Let's go.

Jet and Droy: *use magic*

Gray & Natsu: *use magic as well*


Wendy: I'm going too! Breath of sky dragon!

Wendy: I did it!

Carla: Oh .. even Wendy ..

Levi: But, everyone looks really have some fun

Lucy: yeah ..

Natsu: This is the last one! FIRE DRAGON FIST! Hehe..

Droy,Jet,Gray: oooh...

Levi: It's amazing!!

Lucy: woow..

Mavis: woooow!!

Natsu: You got me, you got me .. hehe

Wendy: For somehow it was fun.

Gray: The first day of training was a success

Happy: And Gray, you're still nude!

Wendy: *hide her eyes with her hair* AAH!

Carla: It seems he doesn't care.

Juvia: Gray-sama is so masculine


Lucy: I say .. This place will go into the guild's debt list, right?

Levi: It will ... right? Well , but it's only suffered a little damage .. *nervous laugh*

Mavis: hehe .. Just had lots of fun , No doubt, Fairy Tail's third generation are the best , right?


Jet: However , we found a luck.

Natsu: That's right. We are at the beach and staying in a luxury hotel.

Gray: Do you forget? That was Loki's ticket that given to us.

Droy: Well , if we compare this place with our guild, this place is much more better.

Natsu: By the way, I'm getting hungry.

Gray: Let's have something to eat!

guys: heheheh .. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?!!

Gray: W-who gave sake to the girls?!

Erza: Waiter! Bring more sake!

Wendy: Eh? My eyes are spinning ...

Juvia: Wendy, please hang on

Lucy: Hey Juvia ... Let's play

Levi: HAHAHAHHAHAHA it's fun!

Droy: W-what's this?!

Jet: All are drunk.

Natsu: I can't believe. How could they drink sake?

Gray: Hey, waiter! Why you let the customers here to ... ?

Erza: Shut up, Gray , You are nobody to tell me to drink sake! BRING MORE SAKE!!

Gray: This is really a problem ..

Natsu: HUUYA!!?

Juvia: Don't do that .. Juvia will protect Gray-sama .. Juvia will protect ....

Erza: Let go! Let go!

Carla: Look! Can't you run faster? You are not good!

Happy: But, I'm only a cat.

--- nalu moment ------

Natsu: Hey hey even Carla also ... huh?

Lucy: Stare~

Natsu: LUCY!

Lucy: Stare~

Natsu: W-what's wrong?

Lucy: Ah! There are two Natsu! oooohh!!

Levi: Lucy-chan *hic* There's no way Natsu can be two . Hahahahahha

Natsu: Don't tell me, God ...

----------------- Nalu moment end --------------

Mavis: Hehe..

--------------- gruvia moment ------------

Juvia: Come on, Gray-sama .. I wanna be alone, please ..

Gray: W-what a minute, hey!

Juvia: Gray-sama. Earlier Gray-sama didn't see Juvia's swimsuit while we were alone, Juvia was really sad.

Gray: N-no .. Eh , wait ..

Juvia: Juvia is drinking alone sadly.. Since it won't stop, then let'sdrink together with Juvia!

Gray: Please, help me!

---------------------- gruvia moment end ------------

Droy: Hey, why do we get yelled at?

Jet: Dunno

Erza: Who allowed you for no need to work? You're a monster! Sit down!

Droy: We are sitting.

Erza: Sit down!

Jet: I am also sitting now.

Erza: Use your mouth to talk!

Jet & Droy: *shiver*

Erza: Hey, Wakaba, since when did you became this fat?

Droy: I'm Droy.

Erza: Elfman, since when did you become this small?

Jet: I'm Jet.

Erza: Continue speak loudly! I can't hear your voice!!

Jet & Droy: AAAH!!!

------------- nalu moment 2 ----------------

Levi: *laughing*

Lucy: hey ..

Natsu: huh?

Lucy: Here's an omelet .. say aah ..~

Natsu: I don't want it!!

Lucy: He's mad at me ..

Natsu: Huh? *Sweat drop*

Lucy: Natsu is mad at me. He doesn't want to eat the omelet .. Omelet..

Natsu: Ah, no .. I'm not mad at you ..

Lucy: Then, come and tickle me.

Natsu: Tickle?

Lucy: Mmmm , tickle me here ..

Natsu: huh? *tickle her*

Lucy: meeeow~

Natsu: aaaaah!!

Natsu:  ARGH! This is the most critical situation of Fairy Tail! It's a strategy when a woman meets a man!

------------ nalu moment 2 end -------------

Carla: You take me to Roma. Got it? I said Roma!

Happy: Aye ..

------------ short gruvia --------------

Juvia: Graaaay-saama<'3

Gray:  Stop it! My bones are going to crack!!

----------------------- short gruvia end ------------------

Erza: Where are you going?! Quick come here!

Droy: For a work

Jet: Can't believe it ..

----------------- nalu moment 3 ----------------

Natsu: all .. people ..

Lucy: mmmm.. piggyback..

Natsu: No - No way

Lucy: I wanna go to the toilet. Take me there.

Natsu: Do you think I care?!

Levi: Natsu, go with her , do your best

Mavis: Do your best.

Natsu: What a pain on my ass!!

Lucy: Natsu's back feels so warm ..

Natsu: Sure , my magic power is fire after all ..

--------------------- nalu moment 3 end ------------------

------------------ hot springs ------------------

Wendy: Finally, I came back to my sense.

Erza: Really can't remember anything, Why those boys where scared of me?

Carla: Really like a puzzle, right?

Lucy: Juvia! Hurry up!

Juvia: Juvia fells shy ..

Lucy: uaaah .. feels good ..

Wendy: Good for release tired, right?

Carla: They said here can revitalizes skin .

Levi: Hey, Lu-chan.

Lucy: What is it?

Levi: Earlier piggyback, somehow I got a feeling that something good is happening between you and Natsu ..

Lucy: Piggyback?

Levi: Eh? You don't remember?

Lucy: Don't say if ... with Natsu?!

Levi: Why is your face turning red now?

Lucy: R-right now?

Levi: Because I think Lu-chan and Natsu are loving to eachother , Am I right?


Juvia: *thinking: At this rate, if to say Lucy and Natsu-san will be together , Gray-sama's love would for be for Juvia only, this gonna be great isn't?*

Erza: Oh ? I don't know if Lucy and Natsu have this kind of relationship.

Wendy: It's the truth if they're always together , right?

Erza: yes, If you want to find Natsu, the fastest way is looking in Lucy's room.

Lucy: *blushing* Hold on, hold on , hold on! Me and Natsu are not loving to eachother! He's always barging into my room. It's really annoys me!
That's why I campe up to follow him earlier and then will take a revenge! *blushing alot*

Erza: Oh , so that's the reason you got angry.

Levi: I want to hear, that story.

Wendy: I wanna hear it too.

Lucy: Well, I will tell you the story..

Lucy: By the way , I never know here he lives .. That's why I stalked

Natsu: It has been a while since the last job.

Happy: That's right

Natsu: What's for today?

Happy: Fish.

Natsu: Didn't we eat it yesterday?

Lucy: hehehehe..

Lucy: Found it. Finally found it! Natsu and Happy's home!
There were so many unforgotten moments that I can never forget.
Till now I still feel embarrased if I remember about it.
I have been waiting for this revenge..

Erza: Well, after listen to your story, I can understand your desire to take a revenge.
That was all because of his bad jokes after all.

Carla: A man can't just go and enter a woman's room like that.

Lucy: So true! Then, the next day, when Natsu and Happy where gone , I walked inside the house.
I managed to come in .

*lucys imagination*

Natsu & Happy: MY ROOM!!!

*lucys imagination ends*

Lucy: hehhee .. what a joke .. HUH!? A DUMP?!

Is he really can live in this dump?!
Really, I can't believe this.
Are those all jobs he has done till now?

Natsu: First time working together with Lucy, Fake Salamander's signature , Magic Council's rubble , Souvenir from Galuna Island , Lucyheh's maid dress.

Lucy: *smile* hehe.

He. Really knows how to treasure all memories.
Ok! I think I'll clean up a little before I go home.

What the heck Not yet?
Just when I want to give a suprice , where the hell are they?!

Sad. Waiting for him to come home alone , makes me feel lonley..

Ah ... I'm going home.

Huh?! Don't tell me if ... *opens the door* Indeed! He want to my room!!

Natsu: Zzzz.. Lucy is late .. Zzzz...

Happy: Zzzz.. Aye .. Zzzz ..

Lucy: ohh .. well ..  

*smiling, blushing and a hand on her heart* However .. When I think about it sometimes, it's fine though ... He has always been very helpful ..
It relax me a little ... just like that. Well .... if it's only that .... I can forgive.

Erza: *nod*

Wendy: What a nice story .. *smile*

Levi: But, till the end , is that what just happend?

Lucy: *blushing alot* Like I said, it's not!

Levi: Well .. she can't deny ..

Natsu: They ... earlier ... gave us so much loss , right?

Jet: Let me see it . boing ... boing ...

Gray: Well , wait till they come into the hot hot springs as we promised.

Happy: But don't you think that this is a shameful act?

Droy: There is something more important .... I'm hungry.

Lucy: Anyway! Starting tomorrow I will only do my best!

Juvia: That's right, Juvia will also do the best.

Levi: Me too.

Wendy: me too. I'll become more stronger.

Erza: What are you doing?!

Lucy: What's happend?

Erza: No, nothing , just felt some people's presence. Is it just my imagination?

Levi: Don't tell me if right now they are ...

Wendy: The worst!

Juvia: Gray-sama is certainly not like that!

Erza: Natsu and friends huh? If so, then  I don't mind, let's call them in!

Carla,Wendy,Levi: O.O!

Lucy: Don't!!

Natsu: thought I would die ..

Gray: We missed the good part..

Jet: It's because you're too noisy ..

Happy: Hey, why is it pointed there?

------ the end -------

haahahha laughed like hell . ah well ..

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